Join Us

So you want to join our crew?

Well, let us first compliment you on your good taste. Huzzah!

Secondly, let us tell you what you’re getting into.

The Outrageous Fortune is a meritocracy. All officers, midshipmen and Able Bodied Seamen are expected to do things like show up, help out, happily help with set up and tear down at events, engage the public, perfect their garb, learn and respect The Aesthetic, be excellent to each other, and most importantly, NEVER violate our ship’s articles (especially articles 1 and 4):

     Article 1: Don’t be a dick.
     Article 2: Dress like a pirate and have fun.
     Article 3: Help out. Work for the common good of the ship.
     Article 4: Seriously, don’t be a dick.

Thirdly, if at this point you’re on board with all this, you can proceed to the next step: applying for our crew by filling out our very official Google form:

I’ve applied… now what?

After you fill out and submit your form, you will be contacted by a member of the crew. At this point you will be officially considered a recruit, and you will be added to our crew’s private communication channels (we use Discord).

You’ll be considered a recruit until you attend your first event with us, at which point you are promoted to Cabin Boy, which is a probationary (and gender neutral) position.

Upon attending two events with us (and behaving well at them), you will be promoted to Able Bodied Seamen (ABS), which is the most common rank on our ship.

If you prove yourself worthy and display specific, valuable skills, you may be advanced to Midshipman, which allows you to vote on certain matters and be left in charge of the camp when an officer is unavailable.

Officers are promoted from the ranks of Midshipmen as the need arises. Stay active to stay on the roster. There will be long stretches where we don’t do much, and there will of course be times when you can’t make it to events, but if we never see you you’ll be dropped from the roster until you’re in a better position to come pirating with us.