The Armory

The list below is just a sampling to wet your appetite. We have upwards of 15 cannons and dozens of small arms we can bring for our shows. With the largest cannon show in the Pacific Northwest we love to rattle some windows and educate about black powder during the golden age of piracy.

Marcie & Lucie

Our 4 pound deck guns on permanent loan to the ship by Powder Pete. These served faithfully for many years upon the deck of the tall ship Royaliste.


Bomb ships were heavily reinforced to support siege mortars. They would lay in harbor and pound away at fort or castle walls. Often, the ship and cannon would be named after a volcano or a feature of hell taken from classic literature. This is our 60 pound siege mortar Krakatoa, named after the loudest known sound in recorded history. With an 8 inch bore she would have been employed to fire hollow explosive bombs, incendiary carcasses, or even boulders.


A one pounder or considered a Minion. Tempest would have been employed as a chaser in the bow or as a defensive gun in the rear. Owned by Captain Dead Dan.

La Sirena

These half pounder defensive weapons would be moved around the rails of the ship. La Sirena (the Mermaid) is owned by Officer Powder.


These half pounder defensive weapons would be moved around the rails of the ship. A swivel or rail gun, so named for the ability to pivot in any direction, Ragnarock is owned by Gunnery Master RedGoat.


Don’t let her smaller footprint deceive you. While the carriage was scaled down for maneuverability, Lola still has it where it counts. She has a reputation for kicking and pulling her stakes out. Lola is a half scale replica of a 12 pounder. Owned and operated by gunner Powder seen above.


Pirates were often scavengers carrying away anything not bolted down. A perfect example of this are these 175 caliber mini cannons. We have 3 on our crew. This member of the triplets is Serpentine along with her gunner Ynnos. Not pictured here but nearly identical are Wurst’s – Hog Eye and Blackstrap’s – Crom.


Currently our smallest swivel gun made by Dead Dan. The post is made from the dead man post of our old jolly boat. Owned by Captain Dead Dan.

Dragon’s Breath

A heavyweight 4 pound deck gun, few have seen the muzzle end of this cannon and lived to tell the tale. Seen here belching fire at the hands of gunner Black Heart. Dragon’s Breath is owned by our ship’s surgeon Blind Dog. It gives him plenty of body parts to show off for his camp display.

Master Blaster

The smallest functioning cannon we have at 30 caliber. We don’t get her out for shows much but she still counts. Owned by Captain Dead Dan.

Choad (the Grenadier)

Our Grenadier/Line launcher is just one of the small arms we bring to our shows. Owned by Captain Dead Dan.

Bog Witch

Coming soon is a 200 year old British signal cannon recovered from an estuary in the colonies. Owned by Dead Dan.

Small Arms (and a small leg)

A small sampling of the many small arms we can bring to the detriment of our enemies. From modern replicas to originals hundreds of years old.

Dead Dan helping to load a peg leg with a punch.