Meet the Officers

Captain Dead Dan

Found washed up in the tidewrack clutchin’ an odd assortment of tools and his head, not much is known about Dead Dan. Comfortable mending anything and everything without really knowing how he does it has led to much speculation of his upbringing. He ain’t sayin’ or doesn’t remember, either way he’s still pretty annoyed the crew didn’t fish him out before they lost the ship. An old salt with a comfortable stance in any rigging, he’ll just as easily make the rum, cobble together a cannon, or give ya’ a tattoo. As Captain, ship’s engineer, resident “jacka.. of all trades” he is often found tinkering, fixing, and replacing things the crew hadn’t even noticed were broken yet. When asked why he joined the Outrageous Fortune crew he merely replies, “someth’n ta do, and this lot breaks plenty.” His affinity for all things wood, metal, and gunpowder have made him an invaluable, if mysterious, addition to the ship.

May Hemm

No one knows if May Hemm is her given name or not, (though curiously she bears striking resemblance to former washed away cabin boy, Shanks.) Hemm is the daughter of a Dutch draper, which explains her vast knowledge of stitching and cloth. She was captured while traveling to the Caribbean with her father, who was hoping to marry her off as a business transaction, which was the custom of the times. (Though he certainly wouldn’t mind being rid of his opinionated offspring.) Hemm wasn’t keen on that idea and thus shed no tears when her father was traded to another ship.

She made herself useful mending clothes for the crew, and occasionally helping the cook. After a storm washed the previous sailmaker overboard, May Hemm took up his position, and upon seeing her comfort with the shears and sailing nails, the captain made her a full officer. She keeps the foot long nail and large sharp shears on her person at all times, and nary a sailor has crossed her since. She spends part of the year doing research and reconnaissance in the Forsaken NorthEast but regularly returns to raise a mug with her crew.

Quartermaster & Purser-
Jacob “Sharktooth” Chase

Quartermaster Sharktooth was a merchant seaman with a British shipping company.  While on a spice run, the ship was attacked by pirates and he was thrown overboard during the fray.  While the rest of the crew was either killed or taken hostage, Sharktooth was forgotten in the water.  He vowed to exact revenge upon the one who looked at him from the deck as the ship sailed away.  He was described as a rough pirate with scars consistent with a grapeshot blast.
Sharktooth was picked up a day later by another merchant ship and returned to England.  When the ship plucked him from the sea he had injuries consistent with that of a shark attack.  He recovered and immediately joined a crew headed toward pirate infested waters.  Once again his ship was attacked but this time he agreed to join the pirate crew to continue his hunt. Sharktooth made a name for himself with his ferocity and his modified teeth he often used to dispatch his enemies. By luck Sharktooth finally found his nemesis and took his revenge on Grapeshot cementing his place on the Outrageous Fortune crew.

Brace for the Wurst

Ship’s Surgeon-
Robert “Blind Dog” Greystone III


Bosun Gunwales was a young man from a small town and had big dreams. But his dreams were dashed one day when he was walking through the docks on his way home from work. He noticed two strange men with sinister grins, watching him from the shadows. He tried to ignore them and keep walking, but before he knew it, he was thrown into a sack and carted away.

He awoke to the sound of unfamiliar voices, murmuring commands he could not understand. He had been shanghaied and brought aboard a pirate ship.

At first, Gunwales was scared, but he soon discovered that he had a knack for the pirate way of life. He was told he could earn his freedom if he could prove himself to the captain. So he seized every chance he had to prove himself as a ruthless and cunning pirate, and within months, he had earned the fear and respect of his fellow crewmates.

Gunwales eventually became one of the meanest pirates to sail the seven seas. He was feared for his cruelty, but also admired for his intelligence and cunning. He used these skills to help lead the crew to success, and soon, their coffers were bursting at the seams from all their hard-earned plunder.

So, in the end, although shanghaied against his will, Gunwales eventually became the Bosun of The Outrageous Fortune, and he sailed the seas for years and earned a name for himself as one of the meanest and most savvy pirates around.

Gunnery Master-
Ragnar “Redgoat” MacHaggis

Officer Reserves

Commodore – John Christopher “Topknot” Roberts

Striker – Randy Rackam

More details to come soon…